" victor polynsky award 2017 international salon of photography "
Today: Sunday 11 Apr 2021
Closing Date : Wednesday 21 Jun 2017

Entry Fee

Entry fee can be paid with PayPal through this page.


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1-3 Section: $30 USD / 28 Euro

4-6 Sections: $35 USD / 32 Euro


 Group/Club Entries - Discount Rates

5-9 Entrants=5 % Discount of Total Fee

10-20 Entrants=10 % Discount of Total Fee

21-40 Entrants=15 % Discount of Total Fee

40+ Entrants=20 % Discount of Total Fee

Entry fee is mandatory for every participant.

Where entry fee can only be sent by post, it should be sent as cash (US$ only). Please contact Exhibition Chairman to get a special address for sending entry fee by post. If you send cash, please enclose a note containing the entrant’s name.



Entries for which no fee is received will not be judged.